Process Automation

L3 ExMac Automation has experience in many process automation conveyor systems for applications predominantly in the automotive, heavy vehicle and aerospace industries.  L3 ExMac's automated materials handling solutions are used in areas such as body shops, paint shops and final assembly plant operations.

For these demanding environments, standard L3 ExMac Automation conveyor equipment can provide the ability to stop individual loads at predetermined operator and test positions without stopping the entire production line. Equipment can also offer features such as variable speed drives, high-speed indexing, on-line storage, and incline/decline facilities that allow changes in elevation where necessary.

L3 ExMac process automation systems are designed with a high degree of versatility, allowing route or system alterations after installation to facilitate introduction of  new models and model derivatives into an existing system.

L3 ExMac designs and manufactures product carriers for items such as bodies or doors, or bespoke pallets or platens for items such as engines or axles. We can also provide system modifications, upgrades or extensions, as well as training, SE studies, system simulation and production standby facilities.

As far as possible, all systems are designed to anticipate the demands of the clients' future materials handling requirements.


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