Bespoke Handling Applications

In addition to its standard ranges of equipment, L3 ExMac Automation also undertakes many bespoke handling applications.

L3 ExMac Automation recently designed a new solution for installation of batteries for a new type of hybrid vehicle. This system is now fully installed and working at one of our major customers automotive assembly plants.

In five locations in Saudi Arabia, L3 ExMac - designed 80-tonne vehicle assemblies for high throughput cargo scanners. The operation scans vehicles using X-ray equipment and requires trucks to be automatically conveyed through the scanning chamber.

Each lift can raise or lower a fully loaded vehicle (nominally 60 tonnes) complete with platen (nominally 20 tonnes) for X-ray motion scanning. The motion system consists of a rectangular rail track layout, with a lowerator/elevator in each corner.

Five platens are driven around the track via friction drives, with lowerators/elevators at each corner to change the direction of the platens through 90 degrees.

  • Bespoke Handling Applications for a major UK nuclear plant, comprising conveyors and winches to transport 13 tonne cargo containers.
  • A tooling store for a major aerospace organization, including a vacuum facility throughout the various handling operations to ensure that the product is maintained in its exact position during the transport process
  • A captive pallet (farman-type) conveyor system for a major UK automotive manufacturer
  • An in-cave, below ground shuttle system for a major UK nuclear plant handling containers of radioactive waste
  • An aircraft nose landing gear test rig for a major aerospace organization, designed to simulate the forces applied to aircraft landing gear during take-off and landing
  • A skip handling conveyor system in South Africa comprising conveyors and a shuttle car complete with a turnover for emptying 10 tonne skips of scrap metal


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