Waste Handling

The advent of global warming, governments enforcing stricter control of waste, and a growing awareness of the environmental impact of landfill waste, means that the conveyance and sortation of waste and recyclable products is becoming a vital weapon in the war on waste.

To cope with the volume and variety of waste and the potentially hazardous working environment created by many of the materials being transported, ExMac Automation has adapted its standard conveyor range to produce equipment suitable for the waste and recycling industry.

Careful consideration to areas such as conveyor construction and belt types and materials has created a range of waste and recycling conveyors complete with all the necessary accessories and controls to interface with other waste related equipment, such as hoppers, balers, sortation machines, etc.

This combination of purpose-designed products and materials handling experience means ExMac is able to supply equipment ranging from a unit conveyor to a complete turnkey conveyor system – all of which can be tailored to handle waste paper, card, plastic bottles, scrap metals or other materials.