ASRS & Distribution

ExMac Automation’s engineers have over thirty years experience in the supply of automated storage and retrieval crane systems for many different industry sectors.

In-house experience includes most types of ASRS crane system from high capacity mini-load cranes and racking, through to high bay warehouse crane projects.

The ExMac standard range of ASRS cranes includes fixed aisle and aisle transfer crane shuttles. We can also tailor cranes to suit specific applications by fitting, for example, double-reach forks to optimise storage space.

ExMac’s ASRS systems can handle products ranging from standard pallets to painted car bodies and aircraft components to stillages and cages.

Our standard range includes cranes up to 30m high with payloads up to 3,000 kg. Besides manufacturing crane systems to clients’ specifications, we are able to carry out pre-installation trials on many key areas of crane systems in our manufacturing facility.

Importantly, to meet clients’ supply schedules, our in-house expertise also includes the supply of standard software packages to manage inventory and facilitate product identification on input and retrieval. Systems are compatible with PC or microcomputer hardware platforms.

Recent installations have exploited the benefits of advanced lasers technology to control the finite positioning and picking of loads in the X, Y and Z axes.

In addition, we have undertaken crane refurbishment projects that have included the replacement and upgrading of outdated controls equipment and mechanical components.